3 PCS Multi-Unctional Good Grip Peeler Set Multi D9C5ADDA



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Name: Three-piece vegetable and fruit peeler
Weight: 62 g / set
Size: 11.8x6.5x1.5cm
Type: Peeler Series
Specifications: Barker* 3 Colors: Red, Orange, Green
Use gift occasions: all places
Material: food grade stainless steel + ABS

Simple and rich life
Fruit Peeler creates a high quality product that reflects the comfort of use.
Therefore, when it peels off, it will experience sculpture, artistic sense and a good helper in life.
There are many options, peeling, soft peeling, thick skin and grinding.
Peeler is suitable for apples, potatoes and other thin skin fruits and vegetables that are easy to peel and not waste.
Soft skin is suitable for fruits and vegetables such as mango, kiwi and soft skin. It is easy to peel off and is also your perfect fruit.
Thick skin is suitable for pumpkin, lettuce and other thick skin fruits and vegetables, easy to peel, save time and effort.
The grater is suitable for the silky requirements of fruits, vegetables and salads.

Please note
Please use and wash carefully to avoid contact with young children. Please clean after use.



3 PCS Multi-Unctional Good Grip Peeler Set Multi D9C5ADDA

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