Creative Peel Shrimp Skin Artifact Red 8991C69A



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Product name: creative peel shrimp artifact
Product features: 1. USES the food grade ABS material, chick shape design, durable, easy to insert the shrimp body is not easy to broken
2. Ergonomic handle design, scientific production, hand grasp the comfortable, easy a pinch the shrimp meat and shell can be stripped
3. Design more close to the palm of your hand, prevent slippery
Operation is simple: 1. The shrimp head removed
2. Insert the peel shrimp trap and shrimp, shrimp shell is inserted to the bottom
3. The handgrip, shrimp can out from the shrimp shell
4. Simple does not hurt the hand, quick and easy




Creative Peel Shrimp Skin Artifact Red 8991C69A

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