Digital Food Thermometer Silver Gray D6D1C6AC



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The digital cooking thermometer enables you to prepare perfectly cooked meals without the need to slice food open or leave huge knife puncture marks in your food. It features an extensive temperature range in both Celcius going from 0 to 250 Celcius degree. Besides, the target temperature is set by yourself, cook your food perfectly every time without the worry of overcooking or even worse illness from undercooking.

Main features:
Electronic LCD display for convenient reading
Temperature alarm for safe use
Heat resistant wire design, serve your guests and friends always perfectly cooked meat
• Wireless transmission up to 20 meters ( 65 feet ), very convenient to use
• Transmission Range: 30m / 100ft
• Powered by 4pcs 1.5V AAA battery ( not included )


Dimensions and Weight

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Digital Food Thermometer Silver Gray D6D1C6AC

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