Stainless Steel 450ml Business Mug Silver 95C8A899



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Keeping the appearance of ordinary thermos cup. It is constituted of the stainless steel tank and food grade silicone stopper, the safe materials can guarantee your health. Super insulation makes it suitable for all seasons, thermal insulation for winter, cold insulation for summer. A good travel mug and gift for people of all ages.

Main features:
450ml large water capacity is enough for outdoor activities
304 stainless steel material, resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion
● Creative ironing cup septum
● Bright and healthy inner gallbladder
● PP cup cover seal leakproof
● Electrostatic spraying process
● Vacuum heat / cold insulated tank
High vacuum, long preservation time, large effective volume
● Clean
Before use, please clean the cup body and parts with a neutral detergent

Maintenance methods
● Please keep the liner dry, when you do not use for a long time
● To prevent the generation of odor or stains, please clean them after use



Stainless Steel 450ml Business Mug Silver 95C8A899

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