Stainless Steel Hot Pot Cookware Set Silver 9C8C1A91



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1. The first use of superconducting magnetic induction cooker with high thermal conductivity material;
2. The bottom of the pot is made of three layers of steel plate thickening composite material, high thermal conductivity, uniform heat, fast, energy saving, and achieve physical non-stick effect;
3. Along the design of the anti-drip pot, when cooking, put the steam pot into the pot to form a lock, the food taste moisturizing nutrition locked in the pot;
4. Without any chemical coating material, imported stainless steel integrated, easy to use, multi-layer nesting, good sealing, established cylindrical pot, when the soup bottom water is heated, steam forms a closed hot gas cycle, no return, nutrition No loss, fast cooked food, energy saving effect, energy saving up to 50 percent.
Product specifications:
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Silver


Dimensions and Weight

Product weight: 0.7500 kg
Package weight: 0.8100 kg

Stainless Steel Hot Pot Cookware Set Silver 9C8C1A91

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