Striped Teslin Boxed PVC Placemat Blue Hosta A851C5AA



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Material: PVC and polyester
The placemat is made of high-quality PVC. The Teslin placemat is heat-resistant, non-slip, antibacterial and flame retardant.
The placemat has a long and square design, which is placed on the table with cups, cutlery, etc., which can prevent the table from slipping and scalding the tabletop, and at the same time has a beautiful appearance.
The placemats are simple, elegant and elegant, and can be placed under the vases and ashtrays.
The placemat can be cut at your own discretion. It is easy to handle and scrub directly with water.
No ironing, no fading, no mildew. Suitable for all styles of furniture.
To solve the complexities of life and create a relaxed and pleasant dining atmosphere.


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Striped Teslin Boxed PVC Placemat Blue Hosta A851C5AA

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